The work of NTM is continually growing as God opens more and more doors for us to share the Gospel and be His love to nations across the world.

Our current missions span across parts of the World including various countries of Africa, India and Vanuatu.


NTM supports many works throughout Africa, in particularly the nation of Uganda.



Uganda is nation with great need for both aid and the Word of God. With more than 2.5 million orphaned children, most of which have lost their parents to HIV/AIDS and many suffering with the same disease themselves, Uganda is a country full of young lives fighting to survive on daily basis. Struggle, hardship and despair are all these children know of the world they live in, surrounded by awful conditions, faced with death and they have little hope to hold on to for the future.

With Christ as the only Hope for the future, NTM, under the vision of the late Founder, Rev. Neil Thomas, sought to establish an orphanage that could give these children the opportunity to live the life they were purposed for, and on the 23rd of May, 2011, Grace Mission Primary School and Orphanage officially opened in the district of Busia, Uganda.

Since its initiation, the School has continued to grow with approximately 216 children currently being sponsored. Now the children are provided with three meals a day, accommodation and education and as a result, these children are given the opportunity to reach their full potential and live life full of hope, safety and joy.

In addition to the Orphanage, NTM has also funded the construction of four (4) water wells in the district of Busia, making clean water available to the children and the neighbouring people of Busia.

There are still children in need of food, shelter and education, all of which can be provided through the sponsorship program. If you would like to be a part of this life-changing program, follow this link to our sponsorship page and see how you can help give a child the opportunities and future they deserve.




India is a nation in great need of Jesus Christ. Neil Thomas Ministries have been assisting and supporting Christian ministries across India for several years and are currently in the process of establishing and developing a work there.




Vanuatu was one of the first Missions established by NTM and since its beginnings it has experienced dynamic growth both in number and the power of God.

Over 35 years ago, God called the Founder of NTM, Rev. Neil Thomas, to take the Gospel and message of Christian Holiness to the islands of Vanuatu in the South Pacific. Many people were set free and their eyes were opened to the Truth as he passionately taught all who were willing to listen about baptism into the life of Jesus Christ and being set apart as holy before God, a message many had never received before.

of Rev. Neil Thomas and those working with him saw the establishment of several churches, schools, clinics and NTM Bible Colleges all of which continue to run today. Click the following link for more information on NTM Christian Schools NTCU .