New Caledonia

Over 33 years ago Dr Neil Thomas visited the french nation of New Caledonia, in the South Pacific. After surveying this nation, where over 85% of the population are Roman Catholic, Dr Thomas felt led of God to establish a Holiness ministry. He then returned to Vanuatu and selected a team of French speaking Ni-Vans to go and open up his ministry of Holiness and Righteousness in New Caledonia.

From the very outset the Main Line churches and many of it’s followers persecuted this young ministry.  A battle ensued for the next 20 years seeking to established his ministry; much persecution, court cases and legal battles took place.  However;  Neil Thomas Ministries was finally registered with the government after inspections by teams of religious investigators from France gave the approval for the Neil Thomas Ministries.

Now there is a strong church established in the city of Noumea and also several churches in the Northern Provence of new Caledonia. More recently, there have been a number of baptisms particularly amongst youth.