Solomon Islands

Over 38 years ago Dr Thomas was conducting a Holiness Convention in the Australian Captial Terrority (ACT), in between meetings he met with his board of Directors discussing missions and to where next should we take this message of Holiness and righteousness. On the board of directors there was a ex-missionary from the South Pacific and he pleaded with Dr Thomas to take up the challenge and go and meet a man in the Solomon Islands who had been writing letters for some years asking Dr Thomas to come to his land and bring the message of Christian Holiness.

The board of directors agreed to send Dr Thomas to the Solomon Islands to meet with the brother who had been writing and hungering for this message; his name was Nelson Foogu.  When Dr Thomas met him in Honiara, the Capital of Solomon Islands, he found a man very hungry for Holiness and Righteousness. He held meetings with this man and his friends and out of this grew a strong church.

Rev Thomas and some of his Melbourne and Canberra staff went to live in the Solomon Islands to take this message across the country. Here Dr Thomas and his team suffered great opposition from the major denominations who strongly opposed  the truth of ‘You can be Holy as God is Holy’.  Over the years that followed, many were baptised into Christ Jesus and were able to lay hold of this great message.

After a few years Dr Thomas and his team were expelled from that nation by the power of some major denominations.  After 17 years civil war broke out and during the civil war Dr Thomas was contacted by high ranking officials and asked would he please come back to the Solomon Islands and bring a team from Vanuatu to re-establish his ministry in the Solomons. He sent some team members who re-kindled the flame of Holiness and righteousness. Presently, NTM has two churches that are alive and growing in Solomon Islands. NTM Innerlife Church Lunga which is located in Lunga, Honiara and NTM Innerlife Church Temotu, which is located in Temotu, Honiara. A new and larger Church is currently being built and the Ministry continues in the establishment of support works and helping local people get into business.

In 2012 Dr. Thomas’ Ministry completed the building of an NTM Chrisitan College in Honiara, Solomon Islands. The following year, the college received its fist class of Bible College students with numbers increasing each year. The course runs over four years and currently consists of classes that run from Tuesday through to Thursday, between 7.30am-11.00am. Principal Jack Oikali is currently leading NTM Christian College in Honiara, with students studying across all four year levels!

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