Over 32 years ago, God called Dr. Neil Thomas to go to the islands of Vanuatu in the South Pacific ocean and take the message of Christian Holiness to a people who had not heard it.  He also taught strongly on baptism by immersion and how it’s not a baptism to join a church but enter into the life of Jesus Christ.

The mainline churches fearlessly attacked Dr. Thomas physically, in the media and from their pulpits teaching that it’s not possible to be Holy as God is Holy.  (I Peter 1:16).   Dr Thomas and a handful of church pastors from different denominations who had taken hold of this message were banned from all churches and the taking of Holy communion. This forced Dr Thomas and his band of holiness preachers into the streets of Port Vila.  He conducted morning, afternoon and evening sermons down by the seashore and the market house. In two weeks he and his band of believers baptised over 200 people into Christ, he ran evening classes teaching about Christian Holiness and the great teachings of Romans 6, 7 & 8.

Over the next few years he visited often and ran holiness crusades teaching baptism and righteousness. Since then, his ministry has established hundreds of churches throughout many islands, a recognized strong Bible College, christian Schools, clinics and business projects to help the local people improve their standards of living. Click the following links to find out more about NTM Bible College in Vanuatu and NTM Christian Schools NTCU

After years of political and religious persecution his ministry has grown to one of the largest in Vanuatu. The government has now recognized his work in the nation and granted him the first medal of honour for the nation.

Many trained college graduates are pastoring churches throughout the nation and have gone as missionaries to other South Pacific countries and established churches in the Solomon Islands, new Caledonia and New Zealand.

One of the great things that the Lord and the Holy Spirit did through Dr Thomas was multitudes of signs, wonders and miracles – he laid hands on many and demons fled. The sick were raised up, the lame walked and the blind could see and the deaf could hear and even some were raised from the dead.  This caused a great revival throughout the land.

Dr Thomas regularly visited Port Vila with the main church and its over 3000 members, up until his last years whilst being supported by his son Rev. Peter Thomas. Peter Thomas has continued with his father’s ministry through out the islands and is still experiencing the Mighty hand of God as he travels throughout the nation.

For a list of the current locations of NTM Churches within Vanuatu CLICK HERE