Neil Thomas Christian University – offers a tremendous opportunity for students in the South Pacific nation of Vanuatu. In a rare opportunity in the nations history, the education that is readily available to every Australian citizen is  now being made available to this developing country; a chance of a lifetime to say the least.

Neil Thomas Christian University (NTCU) was established in 1976 to give an opportunity for South Pacific children to receive a good quality education. Many island young people have graduated as VCE students which allows them to take up College and University opportunities in Australia or Vanuatu in which they receive the training that would assist them to achieve the skills and standards in business, trade and academics that would improve their quality of life as well as the economic, health, and educational standards of their country.

Neil Thomas Christian University (NTCU) offers an educational Program from Pre-school through to Primary, High School onto Tertiary Training.  NTCU’s Primary and High School Programs are recognized by the Vanuatu Government and Education Department for the receipt of financial assistance for many schools throughout the islands.

NTCU uses curriculum based on the Victorian Essential Learning Standards throughout the whole school program, from Prep to Year 12. The curriculum is delivered by local Ni-Vanuatu staff. Students in Year 11 and 12 who are enrolled in the Victorian Certificate of Education are registered with the Distance Education Centre of Victoria (DECV) and receive coursework, assessment and feedback from the DECV. Donvale Christian College, a school in Melbourne, provides further support for teachers and students, particularly those undertaking the VCE.

There is a great need for greater education across the nation of Vanuatu and thanks to this program this need can be met.

To provide the educational program from Primary to year 10, its cost $1000 AUD  per student per year.

For years 11 and 12, NTM Ministries is required to pay Victorian government in Australia  $4000 AUD per year.

We are inviting sponsors to help support our students.  Please consider taking this opportunity to share the educational opportunity that our Australian children have so readily available with our close neighbours in Vanuatu.

If you would like to sponsor a VCE student at NTCU or would like further information regarding the education program, please email our office at ntmexec@ntm.org.au.