Shiloh Farm

Neil Thomas Ministries commenced a Bible College and Farm called ‘Shiloh’, in the year 2013. It began with 16 young men who lived in temporary accommodation on the farm whilst completing bible training during the day and assisted in construction and maintenance of the farm in the afternoons. In the beginning the Ministry funded the purchase of 60 young cattle, which to this day are being sold at the local Japanese Abattoirs. The Shiloh farm can carry 400 head of cattle, with the income from each cattle being between $500-$800. The money from the cattle was used to fund the construction and completion of the College accommodation building, lecturer rooms and dining room, and is now helping to support the running costs of the college and farm. In addition,we are in the process of building a large water supply which will also be paid for out of the cattle. PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINKS BELOW TO VIEW OUR SLIDE SHOW setting out the Cattle yard and loading ramp as well as the college Garden and the college Buildings and Accommodation on site.

Many crops are produced on the college farm with some of the produce being sold in the local market and others being sold commercially.

For more information regarding the Shiloh Bible College and Farm, please email our office at

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Beef Cow ready for sale

Baby Calf



Cattle yard & Garden
Bible College Building & Accommodation