History and Purpose

NTM Christian Colleges were founded by Dr. Neil Thomas and the Rev. Tom Griffiths in 1976 commencing with eleven students in Canberra, A.C.T. Australia.

Dr. Thomas in his early life was greatly challenged by the life and ministry of the great American missionary, the Rev. Charles Cowman, who developed effective methods of church evangelism and church planting. Rev. Cowman’s ministry was also involved in large educational programs and social work.

1970s – Cowman College in Vanuatu

The governing body of Dr. Thomas’ ministries named the schools and colleges “NTM” after his own ministries and has maintained the philosophies and principles of Charles Cowman.

Schools, Colleges and over 520 NTM Family Worship Centres and Home Fellowship Groups have been established in Australia, the South Pacific, India, USA and Africa with over 72,000 members. Dr. Thomas also founded NTM Christian Broadcasters which is committed to spreading the Gospel across the world through the mediums of Radio, Television and Publishing.

Ministries founded by Dr. Thomas follow the doctrinal distinctive of John Wesley, who was the founder of the early Methodist church and missionary movement. Today NTM still emphasizes the doctrine of Christian Holiness, and the Spirit-filled life, witnessed in its motto “Be Holy as I the Lord your God am Holy”.

NTM Christian College desires that every student will also seek to reach every creature with the Good News of Jesus Christ, giving each person the opportunity to find forgiveness for their sin and the experience of living a holy life before our Holy God. The College emphasizes discipleship and commitment to the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Christian Holiness. As part of the course, students can expect plenty of practical work and training, as well as solid Bible based teaching and tutorials. There will
be opportunity for training and practice in evangelism, preaching, street witnessing, involvement in concerts
and evangelistic crusades, overseas tours and mission trips, etc.

First College Graduates in 1980

Graduates have achieved great things for the Lord around the world: running crusades in many countries, establishing schools and colleges in different countries, establishing churches, ministering in jungles and in cities, helping to broadcast the gospel by radio and TV.

They have witnessed great miracles and healings by the power of God, by lifting high the name of Jesus before the population and governments in many nations.