As a Disciple training Bible College, NTM Christian College has a large focus on outreach and Christian Ministry, where students are able to experience the blessing of loving and serving others. Such outreach and ministry spans over several areas, some of which are explained below.



NTM Innerlife Churches in both Melbourne and New Zealand have a vibrant and growing Children’s Ministry, I-Kids, which students have been running and assisting in for several years. Students are able to share Christ with enthusiastic and lively children, teach and explain stories from the Bible, as well as get involved in the organistation of fun activities, performances and fundraisers. The Ministry provides the students with the opportunity to bless and influence the youngest generations for Jesus, as they encourage and instill God’s purpose and vision within their lives.



Students from NTM Christian Colleges have been, and continue to be, involved in Youth Ministry as part of their training and experience in applying the Word of God and preparing for ministry. Both Bible College graduates and students currently studying, serve as Youth pastors, coordinators and Youth leaders in several of our churches across the world, where they shepherd our youth leading them into a relationship with God and the holy life He has called us to . Being involved in the Youth Ministry provides students with the opportunity to impact the hearts and lives of the young people with Christ and His unconditional love, and establishing them in the Truth of God’s Word.





With a large need for leaders who passionately serve and love Christ amongst the young people aged 18-25, Bible College Students also have the privilege of taking on such a vital and rewarding role. The Ministry to the Young Adults of NTM Innerlife Churches provides the students with great opportunity to teach, counsel and serve as Christ would and allows them to experience God changing lives through His love first-hand. With constant outings, fellowships, Bible studies and teaching nights, the Young Adults Ministry is a great place for the students to grow in their walk with God and develop valuable Ministry skills.





Home Bible Studies are a vital aspect of the Christian walk and College students are given the opportunity to run studies of their own as well assist in the running of the studies allocated to them. The Home Bible Studies is a ministry where students are able to teach the Word of God, minister to people one on one and support others in growing in their walk with God.



The students have the opportunity to gain experience and training in media production, equipment operation, and in editing post/production, through NTM Christian College. Such training and involvement allows them to be apart of the Ministry’s vision for the Gospel to be broadcasted around the world!



Music Ministry is available to the students with training in both instruments and vocal and the opportunity to minister in solo acts, in small groups and church Praise & Worship Team.



College students are given  the opportunity to travel overseas to experience first hand ministry programs where they are able to assist  with the needs of the people whilst doing meaningful and rewarding community work. This is a great opportunity to explore life in countries that are less fortunate as well as work amongst the locals and experience first-hand how  one person can make a massive difference in this world.  On these trips students are able to minister to the locals with preaching, teaching as well as work in areas such as educational programs and medical clinics.

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Lecturing in the NTM Bible College is also available to students, once they have completed their studies. With Bible Colleges in several countries, students are able to take on the role of Bible College Lecturer in any of the Colleges. Here they are given the privilege of expounding the Truth of God’s Word to hungry students eager to learn. As a Bible College lecturer, students are also given opportunity to share and teach at College Retreats and College Trips and furthermore, they are able to be apart of the transforming work the Lord does in the lives of those studying His Word.