United with all other NTM Churches, NTM South Pacific incorporates the nations of Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and New Caledonia and strives to spread the Gospel of Jesus and lead people to live in the holy and righteous life we have in Him through the power and guidan

 Innerlife Vanuatu

Innerlife Vanuatu was one of the first missions established by NTM and since its beginnings it has experienced dynamic growth both in number and the power of God.

Now with hundred of churches across the many islands that make up the Nation of Vanuatu, NTM members number in the tens of thousands and continues to grow as the light-giving truth of God’s Word and Christian Holiness penetrate the darkness and bring life to all who believe.

Follow the link above for details on each church and their location in Vanuatu.

Innerlife Solomon Islands

Innerlife Solomon Islands was the beginning of NTM Missions and, despite the challenges and persecution that accompanied its establishment, has continued to grow and spread the light of Jesus Christ and the holy life he makes possible to those who believe through the small nation.

Since its beginning, NTM has established two churches in Solomon Islands where members gather, along with a Bible College and are developing both a Pre-School and Clinic, providing constant opportunity for men and women to hear the Good News of Christ Jesus.

Innerlife New Caledonia

Innerlife New Caledonia has been faithfully growing and spreading the message of holiness for over 33 years, during which persecution and trials have served to only strengthen and further disperse the powerful Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the French nation of the South Pacific.

Currently having four locations where believers gather and an NTM Bible College, the Name of Jesus and message of Christian Holiness continues to ignite hearts with the love of God across New Caledonia.

Follow the link above for details on each church and their location in New Caledonia.