Yes… You can be Holy E-book

Holiness is the most beautiful truth ever revealed to mankind, yet it is the most hidden truth of the Christian church. This is a paradox, but it’s true; the beautiful truth of holiness has been hidden from man by the reli­gious church. This is a great tragedy, but let me support this statement by looking at what the Bible says about holiness.
First of all it tells us that God is holy (Isaiah 6:3; 1Samuel 2:2); that his whole character and personality and his being is holy. That’s what makes him God. Now the church hasn’t hidden that teaching. It talks about the holy God, but it doesn’t explain what the holy God is—about his personality and character, his very nature. These are central and vital aspects of the holiness message. Yet scripture says that God is holy; it calls the angels the Holy Angels and scripture calls God’s Spirit the Holy Spirit. So everything about God is holy.
You would think that every Christian would know about this, because they all acknowledge the same holy God. We Pentecostals, of all people, should be able to tell what holiness is because we claim to have the great wonderful experiences of the Holy Ghost. 

Yes… You can be Holy as God is Holy -ebook